What is Syndication

Syndication is the bringing together of a number of investors to create a higher level of capital for investment allowing the joint purchase of a larger entity than would be achievable as single purchasers.

It is achieved by the use of a share holder’s agreement that dictates the terms of the corporate structure and governances therein to maintain the equality and best practice for each individual share holder.


Syndication Process

We approach to syndicate is as follows prior to syndication:

  • Commence on a comprehensive economic & market analyses supported with market intelligence. This is carried out in conjunction with the support of our local German network of property specialists and professional advisor’s.
  • Source the potential opportunities and carry out initial due diligence to short-list the possible properties down.
  • Engage full due diligence on the final selection.
  • Secure local banking and assign contracts.
  • Create purchase structure.
  • Bring to market.
  • Post closure – continued asset management and property management.

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